Viện Địa lý Tài nguyên TP. Hồ Chí Minh, Viện Hàn lâm Khoa học và Công nghệ Việt Nam







Trưởng ban:

                   PGS.TS. Phạm Việt Hòa - Viện trưởng Viện Địa lý tài nguyên TP.HCM

Phó ban:

                   TS. Hồ Đình Duẩn, Viện Địa lý tài nguyên TP.HCM

                   PGS.TS Nguyễn Kim Lợi, ĐH Nông Lâm TP.HCM

                   GS.TS Võ Quang Minh, ĐH Cần Thơ

Các thành viên:

                    GS.TS. Võ Chí Mỹ, Đại học Mỏ địa chất Hà Nội

                    GS.TS. Nguyễn Kỳ Phùng, Sở Khoa học Công nghệ TP.HCM

                    PGS.TS. Nguyễn Văn Lập, Viện Địa lý tài nguyên TP.HCM

                    PGS.TS. Bùi Quang Thành, Đại học Khoa học tự nhiên Hà Nội

                    PGS.TS. Lê Văn Trung, ĐH Bách Khoa TP.HCM

                    PGS.TS. Nguyễn Quang Tuấn, ĐH Huế

                    TS. Trịnh Phi Hoành, Viện Địa lý tài nguyên TP.HCM                

                    TS. Lê Cảnh Định, Phân viện quy hoạch và thiết kế nông nghiệp

                    ThS. Lê Phước Thành, Công ty VidasGIS

                    CN. Lê Thị Ngọc Tiếu, Viện Địa lý tài nguyên TP.HCM

                    ThS Nguyễn An Bình, Viện Địa lý tài nguyên TP.HCM   





Trưởng ban chuyên môn: TS. Hồ Đình Duẩn

Phó ban: PGS.TS. Nguyễn Kim Lợi, GS.TS.Võ Quang Minh

Ủy viên: PGS.TS.Phạm Việt Hòa, PGS. TS Nguyễn Quang Tuấn, TS. Lê Cảnh Định, TS. Võ Quốc Tuấn, TS. Trịnh Phi Hoành



Trưởng ban: TS.Trịnh Phi Hoành

Thành viên: Nguyễn Cao Hanh, Nguyễn Ngọc Ẩn, Huỳnh Song Nhựt, Trần Anh Phương, Nguyễn An Bình. 



TS. Dương Quang Trung, ĐH Queen, UK

GS. Võ Quang Minh, ĐH Cần Thơ, VN

GS. Võ Chí Mỹ, ĐH Mỏ-Địa chất HN, VN

GS. Venkatesh Raghavan, Osaka City University, JP


Short biography of the speakers


Dr. Trung Q. Duong

Dr. Trung Q. Duong (Senior Member of IEEE) is a Reader (Associate Professor) at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), U.K. He received his PhD degree in Telecommunications Systems in Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden in the end of 2012 and became an Assistant Professor at QUB in 2013. His current research interests include IoT (applied to disaster management, agriculture, hydrometeorological hazards, smart grid) 5G networks (small-cell networks, ultra-dense networks, HetNets, physical layer security, massive MIMO, cell-free massive MIMO, caching, energy-harvesting), and nanoscale, molecular communications networks. He has authored or co-authored of nearly 300 papers including 165 ISI journal articles. He is currently serving as an Editor for IEEE Trans on Wireless Communications, IEEE Trans on Communications, IET Communications and a Lead Senior Editor for IEEE Communications Letters. He has served as the Guest Editor for more than 22 times on ISI-index journals including the IEEE Journal in Selected Areas on Communications 2015, IET Communications 2014, 2016, 2017, IEEE Communications Magazine 2014 and 2015, IEEE Access 2016, 2017, 2018, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine 2015, EURASIP JWCN, EURASIP JASP. He was an Editor of Electronics Letters, Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, IEEE Communications Letters. He has served as a chair/organiser for more than 20 IEEE conferences/workshops including the IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 Symposium Chair. Dr. Duong was awarded the Best Paper Award at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Spring) 2013, the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2014, the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) 2016, IEEE Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 2017. He is a recipient of prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship from 2016 to 2021 for his research on "small-cell networks" and has won the prestigious Newton Prize 2017 for his research on "disaster communications and relief" . Over the last 4 years, he has been awarded over 3 million USD research funding as a Principal Investigator (PI) in the topics of smart cities, smart agriculture, disaster management, IoT, and wireless networks.


Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan

Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan is an alumnus of the Department of Geology, Pune University and obtained his Doctor of Science in Geological Remote Sensing from Osaka City University Japan in 1994. He is presently based in Japan as Professor of Geoinformatics at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University. His research interest includes geospatial Web Services, sensor network, Geo Crowd Sourcing and remote sensing for change detection. Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan has been involved in OSGeo Foundation ( since its inception in 2006. He was one of the Members in the first OSGeo Board and was re-elected to the OSGeo Foundation Board in 2015 and served as the President of the Foundation during 2016-2017. He plays active role in OSGeo Local Chapters in Asia. He is on the Advisory Board of the Geo4All initiative ( and serves in Editorial Board of International Journal of Geoinformatics and Applied Geomatics scientific journals. He is the founder of ZOO WPS Platform Project which offers a comprehensive framework for deploying Geospatial- Software as a Service (Geo-SaaS). He is a team leader and member in several Geoinformatics projects and has vast experience in conducting national and international training programs and development of learning materials for RS/GIS using FOSS4G. He is actively involved in promoting Free and Open Source Software Solutions for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G) worldwide including organizing global, regional and national FOSS4G events.

He was awarded the Mining & Material Processing Institute of Japan Young Scientist Award in 1995. He has taken up visiting professor assignments at prestigious universities such as the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, and China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing. Prof. Venkatesh Raghavan was recipient of the 2012 Sol Katz Award for his contribution to the Open Geospatial Community and remains to be only Asian till date to receive this honour. 


Professor Vo Quang Minh


Professor Vo Quang Minh, high level Lecturer at Department of Land Resources, College of Environment and Natural Resources, Can Tho University.  He has teaching in subjects of soil classification, soil survey and mapping, geostatistics, GIS and Remote sensing applications. He has supervising several undergraduate and graduate students in soil science, land management, Environment and natural resources. Besides, he is also an author of several books, curriculums related to Soil science, GIS, Remote sensing. He has also attending several national/international workshops/conferences on Soil, GIS, Remote sensing as keynote, speaker, session chair, organizer. He received merit from the Chairman of People Committee of several provinces for having contributions to agricultural development, education and scientific extension. He has also organized many short-term training for staffs of several provinces working in Land management, remote sensing and GIS applications  

On the basis of scientific direction, he has leaded and completed several ministrial, provincial, university, intenational projects. He has published 91 recognized national and international scientific papers, including international SCIE papers. He has  also published books and lectures on soil, remote sensing and GIS. He has also been endorsed to be member of scientific national and international association, such as Vietnamese Soil Science association (2016-2021); President of Cantho University Soil science association (2016-2020), and Country editor-Journal of GISASIAPACIFIC (1996-2002); Member.-American Society of Soil Science (ASSS). (2004-2006); Editorial Team-Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics-JDAE (2010-2014); Regional Vice-President-International Society of Environment and Rural Development-ISERD. (2010 to 2018)



Professor Vo Chi My




Prof. Vo Chi My graduated from the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Cracow (Poland) in 1974 with a master degree and a Ph.D degree, both in Surveying and Mapping. Since 1975, he has been working at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG), Department of Geomatic Engineering and Land Administration. His expertise and current research include surveying and mapping techniques, and application of geospatial technologies in environment and natural resources monitoring. He has been a team leader and member in several major national and international projects in the field of applied geomatics. In 1998, he was presented with the Vietnam Fund for Scientific and Technological Creation (VIFOTEC) award for his outstanding achievements in his “Applied Laser Techniques in Surveying” project.

Prof. Vo Chi My is Editor in chief of Geodesy and Cartography Journal, a publication of the Vietnam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (VGCR). He also works as an editor for several major journals in the field of geomatics.

Prof. Vo Chi My is the Vice-president/General Secretary of the Vietnam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (VGCR), Presidium Member of the International Society for Mining Surveying (ISM).

Prof. Vo Chi My is the Director of Scientific Committee of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the International Conference (FIG Working Week 2019) on “Geospatial Information for a Smarter Life and Environmental Resilience,” which will be held from 22 to 26 April, 2019 in Hanoi.