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First Announcement (11-05-2018 15:09)


First Announcement 


"GIS Conference 2018"


Following the success of GIS Conference 2017 in Quy Nhon University, this year’s “GIS Conference 2018 - Towards a Smart City" will be organized on October 27th 2018 by the Institute of Resources Geography Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). Co-organizers are Nong Lam University HCMC and Can Tho University.


1. Objectives of conference


- Researches on applications of GIS, remote sensing in recent years; Discussions on related researches, collaboration and development for further GIS applications;


- Enhancement of GIS applications and remote sensing in scientific research, state management, education and community development in Vietnam.


2. Contents of the workshop


The "GIS Conference 2018 - Towards a Smart City" aims at, but not limited to the followings subjects:


- Smart City – Infrastructures, Technologies and Solutions


- Climate change and mitigation of natural disasters


- Natural resources management, environment and sustainable development


- Food security, water resources security


- Towards fresh environment and clean energy sources


- GIS in education and community development


- GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and the supporting technologies


- Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Knowledge-based Systems (KBS)


- Advanced monitoring technologies and UAVs


- Exhibition on state-of-the-art technologies of GIS, GPS and remote sensing, monitoring technology, information technology and telecommunication.


3. Participants


- Scientists, managers, lecturers of universities, institutes and research centers, experts


- Officers of relevant Agencies, Departments and State management, domestic and foreign companies and enterprises.


4. Time and place


Time: October 27th 2018.


- The Ho Chi Minh city Institute of Resources Geography, No.1, Mac Dinh Chi street, District 1, HCMC


- Royal Hotel Saigon (Kim Do Hotel), No.133, Nguyen Hue street, District 1, HCMC


(More detail information about the time, place including the pre-conference training courses will be released in the Notification No.2 in May-June)

5. Important dates



- The Deadline for submitting the paper’s title and abstract (no longer than 300 words in Vietnamese or English)



May 30th 2018



- Notification of abstract reception



June 15th 2018



- Deadline for submitting the full paper



Aug 15th 2018



- Notification for accepting the full paper



Sep 15th 2018



- Deadline for submitting the completed full paper



Sep 30th 2018



- Deadline for registration



Sep 30th 2018



- The Conference



Oct 27th 2018


6. Article requirements


Article should be focused on the selected topics. Format of article should be doc/docx (Microsoft Word), A4 paper which are no longer than 7 pages (including drawings, maps, charts, references and so forth), Times New Roman, size 12 pt, margins for top, bottom, left and right by 2.5, 2.5, 3.0 and 2.0 cm, respectively. The title of the article should be uppercase. The name of the author(s) and institute(s) should be put below the title, normal bold. At the end of the article is the abstract by Vietnamese and English which is no longer than 300 words.


The organizing committee of the Conference is pleased to invite the researchers, lecturers and staffs to attend and submit articles. Eight articles selected in Conference proceedings with high quality will be published on Scopus journal (ISSN), and ten articles in Can Tho University Journal of Science (ISSN).


7. Registration


Website: www.gisconference.org


Official invitation (if required) will be sent after Sep 30th 2018 to those who had registered for joining the Conference.


For more information please contact:


The Conference Secretariat


Email: gisconference2018@gmail.com


Website: www.gisconference.org



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